Also known as Rozier

Want to know who is capturing your wedding? Well, I started this journey when I was just a little boy, admiring my father and his Canon A-1 camera. I remember how  excited I was at the shops to develop and print his photos, then still having to wait for up to an hour to get it done. Sitting on our beds, passing the photos around and reliving every memory with my siblings and parents was so special and inspired me to become the photographer I am today.

I got my degree in BA Visual Communication at Open Window School of Visual Communication in 2011 and have since then been applying myself to the art of capturing weddings in a journalistic style. I love spending time with my wife and our little Ben; they are the weight of my anchor and keeps me going at a passionate pace. I have been filling my hard drives and spamming social media with photos of Ben since his arrival in this world. He is so cute! When they are asleep you can find me online gaming it out with Tusks and Tentacles (visual/copywriting duo) or reading a fantasy novel. I enjoy fitness and staying healthy, going on hikes, eating breakfast food and watching Adventure Time!

I try to take life as laid back as possible, “don’t let the dragon drag on!”


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